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Terms of Use

- read this please

 This is a statement about how you should use Baggie, Its Games, and other material.

FANGAMES:  You are free to make them! Just as long as you don't put a price tag on them, or any Paid DLC / In-game Purchases. You should also not include Unsavory stuff with the Baggie characters. which brings us to our next topic:

FANART + MERCH:  Yes, I have to talk about this too. Putting a Price Tag on this could also lead you to Prison. also don't draw Unsavory stuff using the Baggie Characters, It's weird and gross.

BOOTLEGS / OFF-BRAND STUFF:  This is the most Annoying on this List. Because right now, Bootlegs are everywhere. Like Bootleg toys, And They are making money off it. Without the Creator's Permission or Notice. Like Seriously, There could be a Snake Eyes or Baggie Fidget Right now and I (Indigo Games) wouldn't even know. 


MODS OF GAMES:  This is also Okay to do! I love to see them, like mods of fixing bugs, or Graphic Modifications! Also Don't Put a Price Tag on them ether. 


"My Character Looks like Baggie, You Copied me!"  If the character was made Before 2019, I did not copy you. I will not bring you to legal trouble, but if I'm the one who is in trouble, I will redesign him or other characters if you request.

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